Claims Management Service

Claims Management Service

At Akoto Risk Management, we are professionals with extensive experience handling all types of claims. From service-intensive automobile, homeowners and extended warranty claims, to those involving highly complex technology or sensitive litigation, we handle it.

As stressful as making a claim may seem, our dedicated experts will help make the process simple and efficient. You can expect fast, friendly and top-quality claim services 24 Hours a day, Seven days a week.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

We are committed to providing the best claim services in the industry and we value your feedback whether it is a Compliment, Comment or even a Complaint.
We recognize the importance of managing claims in a consistent, yet flexible and fair manner that is transparent, accurate and timely. We know that the best measure of this is the satisfaction of our customers.
We would like to hear from you if our services exceeded or failed to meet our commitment to you, or whether or not you would like to submit a comment on any subject. If we have failed to meet your service expectation, we will endeavor to resolve your complaint promptly, fairly and amicably. We respond in all instances.

The Claims Procedure

In the event of any occurrence that may give rise to a claim you should provide us with full information immediately.  This is a normal insurance policy requirement and is advantageous to you in that it assists in the speedy settlement to a claim.
The “Golden Rule” to follow in the event of an occurrence which may give rise to a claim is:-


Report A Claim

Akoto Risk Management strives to streamline all of your insurance needs. As an insurance broker, we do not process claims ourselves, but we’d be happy to forward your requests directly to your insurance provider!

To start the claims process, we will need the following information:

  • Policyholder information: Name of insured, address, phone number, e-mail and policy number
  • Description of loss: Time and date of loss, location of incident, detailed description of damages
  • Vehicle information (for traffic accidents only): Current location of vehicle, owner information, driver information, type of car (year, make and model), license plate number.
  • Authority notification: Please note all authorities notified (fire dept., police, etc.)
  • Report information: Report author, title (if any), date.
  • Additional comments: Is there anything else you think we should know? (Injuries, witnesses, etc.)

Report Claim

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